De Gaulle comparison with the Kenan Evren under period conditions



The influence of De Gaulle’s personality is large in extraordinary powers granted to the President. We know that Kenan Evren, 7.president of turkey, has influenced duties article in 82 of Turkish constitution. The big issue is that after the de Gaulle, whether leader of French become de Gaulle or not!!!

 baskanin yetkileri

According to the above table, the president can use more than the authority given in constitution in application. An application area is very large law field in France present authority. Thus, charismatic authority is important for the president France. The leader figure in the semi-presidential system in France is very important. Thus, France presidents must have a strong charismatic authority because when he uses authority in practice, reaction of French of public isn’t happened. Thus, 58 of French constitution are cut out for de Gaulle. French people will be distress in the use of the excessive powers in the future. This situation is opposite to understanding of democracy in the French political historical progress. It is desirable to reduce the president’s powers.

Government instability provide legitimacy for semi-presidential system


1871-1940       104 government             life of government: 8 month

1946-1958       24 government              life of government    : 6 month



1923-2013        61 government         life of government: 1.5 years

1970-1980        13 government       life of government: 10 month

In a parliamentary system, the government is always based on the confidence of Parliament. However, semi-presidential system, the president is not in any way being dismissed. The president is on trial only for the crime of treason. In other words, while guaranteeing the stability of the executive in the (semi) presidential system, it not a satisfactory mechanism that parliamentary system guarantees the stability of the executive. Multi-party system and thus seen a parliamentary system of government in a coalition government can say that there is the potential for instability. The table above shows it to us. The main reason of government instability is the electoral system. Application of proportional representation leads to the instability in the parliamentary system; on the other hand, Absolute majority system provides stability in government. France presidential election system is as follows. ‘’Before the election after selection’’. This system pushes society to form an alliance. Before you will vote for the committed candidate, then if your own candidate eliminated, you support suitable candidate who is opposite other undesirable candidate in the second selection.


Successfully implemented a system of government may not produce the same results in other countries.  A country’s political history, culture, socio-economic structure directly affects the system of government. Because of these reasons, different systems will produce different results. Significant congestion between presidential and parliamentary system can be solved with semi-presidential system? It would be wrong to say yes to this question. There are advantages and disadvantages of each system.  There is duality in semi-presidential system execution. The prime minister and minister of cabinet come out of the legislature, other side, present is directly selected by public and takes legitimacy from public, and this leads to gain much power. In executing, this can lead to conflict. There is no doubt that in accordance with the individual preferences of the resulting system captures people’s reactions. It is frequently encountered problems in the future. French semi-presidential system was not the preference of the people. This system is inherently questionable. 58 of French constitution      were taken from the hands of the legislature’s authority. France has a tradition of political culture, so it is contrary to parliamentary. Legal and political transformation has been short-term solutions to the problems in France. In the manifestation of history and social preferences provide government system for long lasting.






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