immigrants Returning to Bulgaria (Continue)


The socialist regime in Bulgaria collapsed towards the end of 1989 and a democratic regime was established. Thus, Turks regained their rights and liberties of using their own names and having education in Turkish and practicing their religion.

On other hand, most of people coming to Turkey was deported by the Bulgarian government and the rest came through illegal channels. Thus, they had to leave their savings, property and other possessions, social rights and even some of their family members behind. This phenomenon turned out to be more than initially expected and resulted in the emergence of more than 80,000 fragmented families.

In the general course of migration between Bulgarian-Turkey, 311.862 Bulgarian Turks emigrated to Turkey between 2th July- 22th August 1989. In that dates there was no visa application.

Between 22 August1989- Mai 1990 visa was applied and 34.098 Bulgarian Turks emigrated with visa. After they learned that they could regain their rights, increased migrants, who returned to Bulgaria again. From July 1989 to Mai 1990 returned 133.272 migrants. 212.688 migrants were stayed in Turkey.[1]


Cevap Yaz

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