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Before I start the article, I would like to point out that the sales development and strategic marketing are promotional activities.

Sales development is any kind of effort to encourage the consumers to buy and to make the functions of the mediators more effective. During this process, the aim is to strengthen the communication with the guests and to increase the recognition of the business.

Like sales budget, sales development is planned generally by the sales managers and ratified by the senior management. Planning of the sales development activities start with answering the questions below.

How much is the budget for the sales development activities?
How much of the budget for the sales development activities is allocated for guests, mediators and sales personnel.
It should be determined which sales personnel use which sales development method, how and how much he will use it.

After answering these questions, these stages are completed:

In the planning of the sales development activities, firstly the target audience is determined.
It is decided which market and segment will be sold, how much will be sold, which sales development activity will be applied and the profile of the guests in the segments is developed.

After answering all these questions, alternative strategies should be determined.

In this stage, the questions when this activity should begin, what is the best method, which channel is the most appropriate and the sales development methods developed by the rivals should be considered.

Then it is time for the program development. During the period of the program development, the decisions on the promotion of sales development activities are determined.

In the plan, the process comes to end and the program is tested.

The program test is firstly applied on a little group, and if this is successful the application spreads on a wider range.

There should be a comparison after the application of the program. This should be done with the comparison of the number of the guests that reached during the sales, occupancy rates, adr and revpar.

Strategic planning is the sum of the opportunities and aims that a business has, and the long-term marketing strategies between the changing market opportunities.

During the strategic planning, the main aspects that should be paid attention are:
The plan should be comprehensive and include all important points.
Plan should be flexible, as each businesses are different there can be exceptions in some cases and the plan should adjust to all cases.
The plan should be consistent; it should be in accordance with the other marketing plans.
The targets of the plan should be reachable and logical.

The first work for the strategic marketing plan is the situation analysis and the swot analysis.

With the swot analysis, the strong and weak aspects of the business, its opportunities and threats should be determined. Swot analysis is important because it creates the skeleton of the marketing planning.

The following step is searching for an answer why the marketing is carried out. The aims of the business as a result of marketing should be explained in this stage.

Then the development of the marketing strategies comes. During this stage, it is explained how the determined target and aims will be realized and how the marketing will be carried out. Determining the target market, analysis of it, the question how the needs of these markets will be met and what kind of marketing mix is included should be explained in this stage. The question “How we can continue the competition advantages we have?” should also be answered.

The following step is the marketing practice. In this stage, the plan is applied. During this period, there are some questions that should be answered. Who will apply the strategic plan, how the needs will be met, which marketing activities will be carried out and when?

The following step is the evaluation and control. The targets and aims are achieved or not? If not, the goals are achieved by taking some and necessary measures.

Cevap Yaz

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