Trump and US-China Economic Relations


After Trump’s election as president, the question of the relationship between the US with China and Russia. The relationship of the US with Russia and China is very important in terms of the future of the Central Asian and Middle East policies. Trump, which seems closer to Russia, does not seem to be so connected with China.

China has gained importance in the post-1980 world economy. After this period China’s share in global trade has increased. Especially due to low labor costs, China has achieved significant export rates in foreign trade. With its large population, China is an important country in the world.

China’s increasing share of foreign trade has begun to disturb the US over time. Because China has begun to be effective in the US market. China has begun to damage the United States with imitation products, especially in the technology market. It has also attracted the US reaction with the low exchange rate policy it consciously implements.

At the same time, the US is also troubled by China’s growing influence in Central Asia. For this purpose, the US, which wanted to balance China with Japan, has improved its relationship with Japan. The TPP agreement initiated by the US pioneer is also a result of this cooperation. With this agreement, the US has passed the policy of encircling China. The US and Japan are two countries where the agreement is most beneficial.

China is leading the way to new initiatives against this policy of the United States. The OBOR project is one of these initiatives. This project connects Asia and Europe from land and sea. So that China will increase its effectiveness in Central Asia.

How US-Chinese relations might be in the presidency of Trump? Some of Trump’s explanations give a clue about this. Trump accused China of “raping the United States” at a rally in Indiana. Trump also said that China manipulated the exchange rate to artificially lower the value of currency Yuan. It can be understood that US-Chinese relations will not be so good in the new period. But Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the TPP deal. It can create opportunities for China.

Though I think that there is a common ground of agreement between the US and China: Counterterrorism. Terrorism is a threat to the interests of both countries in the region. Both countries are extremely sensitive to radical Islamic terrorist organizations

For this reason Muslims expect a more difficult world in the new period. Maybe Huntington’s clash of civilizations will be true. Domestic and national policies will stand out in this period when globalization is in great dismay. The new cold war is expected between the US and China. This will make Russia more active in Central Asia.


Cevap Yaz

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