Why were 58 of the French constitution necessary?


To clearly understand this question, we should evaluate reasons of failures of 46 of the French constitution. Firstly, in the beginning of 46 of the French constitution mixed two opposite ideas, the socialist ideas with individualistic ideas. There is no doubt that this approach leads to many problems in the future because constitution provides applying two different ideas and this gives rise to  chaotic environment and French people may suffer from this situation. So, 46 of the constitution are moderate. Secondly, other important reason is incomplete bicameralism. Nation council is more dominant than senate council. Senate is very weak in the decision –making process and it has limited veto power, on the other hand, national council is very strong situation in front of both senate and executive power. I will determine this case. Other reason of failures of this constitution is to be close to the adoption of a slim majority. This is very important thing for French people because they are not obedient to rules of customary. They do not rely on one political thought or group. Thus, political life in France is unstable. Last reason is Inability of the executive power in foreign policy. Other friends explain this situation such as Algerian problem.


1- ) in this system, it is applying council of government system, not a parliamentary system of government. However, since time immemorial, parliamentary history of the French nation has parliamentary history and they have been delayed this system. In other word, it is strange for them.

2- ) in this system, principle of separation of powers, which has become a precedent, had not been given much importance.


Both 58 of French constitution and 82 of Turkish constitution want to end chaotic environment before lived in two countries. This is main aim for two constitutions and this provides them to legacy of public. Tc.82-%92 Fr. 58-%80

The general characteristics of the new constitution in terms of political transformation

Elements of the semi-presidential system

The constitution of a political regime, but a combination of these three elements is considered as semi-presidential if included:

1 – The president is elected by universal suffrage people.

2 – The president has a fairly significant power.

3- Besides prime minister, executive power includes prime minister and ministry of cabinet.

To clearly understand semi-presidential system, I will explain difference of other government systems, parliamentary of government system and presidential government system.

1-semi-presidential system separates pure parliamentary system, what are the main differences?

The president has excessive powers and this is opposite parliamentary system because parliamentary system, president has a symbolic power in the executive. Other different feature is that the president is elected by universal suffrage people.

2-semi-presidential system separates from the presidential system what are the main differences?

The president in semi-presidential system has excessive powers like pure presidential system, but the president in semi-presidential system is not only one authority in the executive power because there is a ministry of cabinet with prime-minister. Both of them are elected by public. And main differences among them, relationship between semi-presidential system and pure presidential system because execution is reserved strictly legislative in pure presidential system. But, in the semi-presidential system, there is a government emerges from the legislature, and government is responsible to the legislature.

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